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Jim Knobeloch 

In april 2007 had ik Jim Knobeloch (Jake Slicker)  gemaild of we met hem een
interview mochten houden! En dat mocht! Het heeft even geduurd maar in
september 2007 kregen we de antwoorden! Nog eens uitgebreid ook, en dat
terwijl hij het erg druk heeft! Dit interview is exclusief dus kopiëren is
verboden! Veel leesplezier! 

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Jim Knobeloch als Jake Slicker

1.Why did you audition for this show and why did you audition for
this role?

I needed the job, and they chose me for the role, rather than the other way

2.What was your favorite scene you’ve played in "Dr. Quinn Medicine
Hard to say,such a well written show... perhaps when mean old Jake poured
whitewsah over Robert E's head, or my drag/campfire scene with Patrick

3. Could you tell us why the characters Robert E, Loren and Jake were
played by different actors through the show, then in the pilot?
Beth sullivan originally wanted the three of us in the pilot, but the network
was convinced the show would flop, and only air as a one-off TV movie... so they
insisted on actors in those roles who had more "movie" credits.  Happily none of 
those three were available to do the series, and Beth already had the networks
promise to be allowed to use the three of us if the show went to air,  Taa Daa...

4.Most of your scenes on Dr. Quinn were with William Shockley
 and Orson Bean (Loren). What was it like to work with them?  
Horrible.  Shockley has mind-numbing B.O. and Orson is a notorious nose-
picker.  Joke.  It was one of the best professional experiences I've had...
Schockley is a good cat and has a great attitude and Orson and I were
constantly tormenting each other with sophomoric pranks (the venerable
horse turd manouever) and remains on of my dearest friends to this day.  If
only he weren't gay and married...

5.Which other character would you like had to play in Dr. Quinn? 
I almost played the Reverend Timothy Johnson.  Can you imagine?

6.With whom did you get along the best on the set? 
See question 4.

7.Where there any certain elements of your own personality added to
If your doing your job as an actor, you certainly use yourself (who else is
there?) but you "project" your own traits, emotional experiential, etc., through
the "lens" of the character provided by the writer.  Hopefully it all comes

8. What did you like most about your role as Jake Slicker, and what
did you dislike?

I was annoyed at first that the writting staff, by their own admission, didn't
know what to do with Jake... they couldn't pin him down, he seemed
enigmatic.  I pointed out to them that perhaps that was a good thing.  Jake was
the one guy in town capable of anything.  Kicking the dog or Kissing the baby.
When they grasped this aspect as a plus rather than a minus, the character
really took off.  The bad thing became the good thing.  Like Jake.

9.What were your families reactions on you getting the part of Jake
in Dr. Quinn? Was there very much support, like learning your text
during the series?

My family has always been very supportive of my less than mainstream career
choices. They were in their own stoic midwestern way proud and excited.  As
far as learning lines, that is a private and mysterious process... like going to the

10. What was it like when Erika Flores left the show and got replaced
by Jessica Bowman? How that felt as cast? Because you all were
working together for 3 years and sudden there is someone new but
plays the same role.

It was sad to see Erica go.. I'm sure she was under alot of pressure from various
camps to leave the apron behind and use her exposure on DQMW to take the
next career step. I don't know how she's faring, have had no contact with her,
but hope it's all good, because she's afine actress and a good soul.

11. Your wife Beth Sullivan is creator and executive producer of
Dr.Quinn. Can you tell us something how she get the idea for this

After having top TV movies for CBS she asked the head of the network for a shot
at a pilot, and he mentioned "Sarah Plain and Tall" had just aired to
phenomenal ratings.  Something like that, but give her a franchise (Dr.,
Lawyer, Indian Chief...) She did just that and designed in broad appeal to
various age groups, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds... all contrary to the
prevailing network wisdom.  We all know what happened.

12.Do you like the ‘time’ (1800  - guns, cowboys , saloons) in Dr Quinn?
Or do you prefer to act in ‘this century ‘movies?’

Period drama is always fun...helps take you out of yourself, and a clever writer
can often say things to amodern audience in a period setting that they would be
less open to in present time.  But I enjoy working, regardless of the period so
long as the material and production values are high.

13. Are you still in contact with some of the actors and actresses of 
Dr. Quinn?
I speak to Orson periodically, and a few of the others once in a blue moon.

14. Are their any projects, movies, etc. you are currently working one?
If so, can you tell us something about it?

I had a nice supporting role in King Kong last year and have made a few TV
appearances and voice- over gigs since coming to Australia six years ago
(where I now live) to do "Ponderosa" for PAX Network in the USA.  Currently I'm
appearing in a huge advertising campaign for CONNEX, the commuter train
company as the venerable Dr. Martin Merton,psychologist/guru
extraordinaire, who's field of expertise is "commuter etiquette".  It's a well
conceived and written campaign... pretty funny... from the hand of a fellow
who won the top prize in advertising last year at the Cannes Film Festival.  I,
that is Dr. Martin Merton, have my own website. DQMW fanclub members
wanting to see just how much face old Jake has to wash nowadays can visit me
at: or at: I think you'll
all get a kick out of it.  Pass it along...

15. Do you have a message for all the Dr.Quinn fans? 
Keep the faith, thanks for your support, they don't make 'em like Dr. Quinn
anymore, and checkout  Have a giggle.

What is your favorite:

- TV Show - Overhaulin'  I want them to do me a car...
- Food - Anything but onions, peppers, and McDonalds
- Drink - Victoria Bitter... in the can
- Color - British Racing Green... over a cinnamon and biscuit interior...
- Music - Good.  No Rap. No derivitive crap.
- Actor - Too many...
- Hobby - No time, but would love to get back to something like a '54
Studebaker Starliner Coupe that has been deeply, yet tastefully "massaged".
- Country - Australia/USA (sans George Bush and his mob)...haven't been to
your neck of the woods, so must reserve further judgement...

Much thanks for your time to answer the questions. Really great you 
wanted to do this! We wish you all the all the luck in the future! With
everything that comes on your path! And much greetings to your wife
Beth Sullivan from all the Dr.Quinn fans! She have created the most
beautiful show ever!